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I was educated in Dublin, was a National School-Teacher in Monaghan, teaching through the medium of Irish, played Rugby for Dungannon, joined the Royal Air Force where I was responsible, as part of a Team, for introducing Automatic Data Processing (via Computers) in 1964 -66 Played Rugby for Bedford, Scunthorpe, Hull & later Dungannon again. Set up SEC a Weighing / Labelling Solutions Company in 1970. Now semi-retired I spend lots of time on Family History, specialising in North Monaghan Genealogy.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

North Monaghan Family History Search

North Monaghan is a Border Region which had divided loyalties for many years. With the European Open Borders it now prospers and can choose its Markets either in Northern Ireland or the Irish Republic.
Family History is similar and many small Protestant Communities have almost disappared. However, it is important to preserve the Records of such communities and make te world aware of their contributions to Society. Missing from this are the famous Protestant families who contributed to the World's Society.
The Lipton family of Clones, the hymns of Henry Francis Lyte of Tyholland, the grave of Oscar Wilde's two half-sisters at Drumsnat & the many other famous Protestant families are largely ignored . There are many Exiles from Monaghan who would return to visit if they knew of local Support to visit interesting sites or see the homeplaces of so many famous Monaghan people.
The closure of many Churches means that these buildings may degenerate quickly or be vandalised. Much of the history of local areas is to be found in Churches, on the tablets erected to famous people who attended that church.
To assist Exiles from Monaghan it is necessary to preserve the Church Records of their Ancestors so if you have difficulty in accessing your Family History, please feel free to contact me at Several CDs of the North Monaghan Church Records are already available. Also available are Listings of Monaghan people involved in the 1641 Rebellion, the 1798 Rebellion & many other events which affected their lives.
We have collected some very informative essays describing some of Monaghan's villages & the people who left their marks there. Recent essays - Ballinode - my village, & Glaslough the village I knew - have been well-received by Monaghan Exiles.


Blogger Peter McCrodan said...

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6:58 PM  
Blogger Peter McCrodan said...

Jack, thanks for your help with the Tydavnet records you supplied for McCrudden/McCrodan/McCruddin etc.

I've set up a surname group at for the McCrodan name and would like to contact any male McCrodan/McCrudden in North Monghan with the idea that they submit their dna for testing to see if we are related, and how far back.

Have you heard of this? Are you interested in the concept?

Peter McCrodan

7:26 PM  
Blogger Brian McConnell said...

Thanks for all your help with research in County Monaghan Jack. Your work has been of great assistance.

Pictures I have received of churches in County Monaghan can be viewed at:

Best wishes,

Brian McConnell

4:16 AM  
Blogger Geraldine Boyle said...

I would be interested to know what Monaghan churches are on CD and were can you get them.
I am trying to trace the my grandparents family. Michael and Maggie Boyle (nee Keaskin) Doora, Shantonagh. Her mother was Sarah Keaskin married to Michael Keaskin. I am trying to find where Sarah and Michael Keaskin are buried. I have been to Killahear Graveyard as this was the old graveyard for Lough Egish church. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

6:26 AM  
Blogger John said...

This blog looks a little 'tired' is there anybody out there? I would love to make contact.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Geraldine Boyle said...

Still researching my family tree. havent located Keaskins yet

1:42 AM  
Blogger TF Cuite said...


Looking for information on a branch of the Connolly family (oft mis-spelled) originating (or earliest oral referencing) in Ballybay and then in Carrickmacross where the branch that stayed in Ireland ran an inn.

The name of the oldest representative I have heard of from family is Francis. His son Francis is in the 1911 Census aged 46. Sons included a Patrick and James (my grandfather who came to US in 1892 traditionally at the recommendation of his already-arrived older brother Patrick.

Any fill-ins would be much appreciated.

Tom Cuite

2:49 PM  
Blogger Diann LaRosa said...

This is 2017. I am looking for any information on Patrick McCaffrey family. His daughter was Mary Ann McCaffrey who married Peter Evans. I have their marriage record. They were married in Roslea Catholic Parish, County Fermanagh. The couple were from Monaghan. Mary Ann lived in Dernahesco and Peter from Clones. I have the father's names but the mothers' names of the couple are a mystery because I cannot locate the birth or baptismal records. I believe Mary Ann was born around 1852 and Peter around 1848. I found Peter's father's will. He was John and his wife was Bridget. I found a Patrick McCaffrey's will from Dernahesco with wife named Bridget. But I think the wife was too young to be Mary Ann's mother via the 1901 census. Thank you.

The couple were my 2nd great grandparents.
Diann La Rosa

1:43 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello all! My name is Tom Rutherdale and my family lived in the North Monaghan area, Glaslough and Drumgahan and Derryveen area. Anyone who has any information about the Rutherdale family history please contact me at

I'm hoping I can find Jack Storey.

11:54 PM  

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